University of York


This program will offer the opportunity to study in the United Kingdom at the University of York, a university that, despite its relatively young age, has forged a strong reputation in the hard sciences. The university will offer experience in research and coursework in the technical aspects of novel green chemistries and sustainable development. They will be working through the York Green Chemistry Centre for Excellence, which coordinates a number of green chemistry activities in research, development, and industrial collaboration. The center houses state-of-the art laboratories and is made up of over 70 academic, research, technical and administrative support staff, postdoctoral and postgraduate researchers, and visiting scientists from industry and overseas universities.  


Through the York Center for Green Chemistry, SAGE fellows will have the opportunity to participate in a wide scope of coursework, research, and collaborative projects. Examples include:

·         Experience in working on semi-industrial scale green chemical technologies at the university’s new Biorenewables Development Centre

·         Non-technical research projects in areas including the flagship projects, “Green Chemistry and the Consumer” and “Green Consumer Products”, directed at engaging retailers, producers, and consumers in the drive towards greener and safer consumer products.

SAGE fellows will be working with is Professor James Clark, whose primary research through the center for Green Chemistry has focused on sustainable bio-refinery, but has also included green pharmaceuticals, e-waste recycling, and sustainable consumer chemical products. 

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