Study Abroad


            The environmental implications of synthetic chemicals and pollutants are truly global: they cross national boundaries and have effects that reach far beyond the original area of their production and use. Implementing green chemistry in industry, supply chains, and products will yield benefits for populations and ecosystems across the globe. The next generation of scientists and decision-makers will need a sophisticated understanding of this international context for chemical innovation and governance.
            The European Union is at the forefront of implementing new standards for sustainable industrial chemicals and products, as well as making significant investments in renewable energy. As the U.S. advances chemicals and energy policy, a two-way exchange of expertise is essential. SAGE fellows will have the opportunity to gain international experience with green energy research and development through programs at one of our partner universities in Europe: Chalmers University in Gothenburg, Sweden, and the University of York in the United Kingdom.


SAGE IGERT Fellows will have internship opportunities for international experience in the EU during the 2nd year of their fellowship. The internship will focus on (1) the implementation of green chemistry through policy and governance or (2) the development of new green energy technologies. Opportunities for SAGE fellows fall under a wide range of disciplines, including:

·         Research on clean energy technologies and their environmental impacts, particularly relating to methods for assessing land-use change, water use, chemicals and risks.

·         A range of technical courses covering the state-of-the-art in green chemical technologies and sustainable chemistry, as well as site visits to industry and involvement in industry-led workshops

·         Non-technical courses covering areas including the Commercialization of Science and Intellectual Property as well as European Policy drivers, as well as non-technical projects directed at engaging retailers, producers, and consumers in the drive towards greener and safer consumer products.

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