During the fellowship students will complete 3 courses outside their primary discipline that relate to their research theme or field of study. Examples of SAGE related course on campus are included below. 


BCGC Coursework:

Green Chemistry: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Sustainability

Engineering and Health Impact Methods in Green Design

Ethics and Decision-Making in Green Product Design

The Basics of Toxicology for Green Molecular Design

Other Coursework:


Green Design and Technology Development

Environmental Impacts

Implementation Drivers


ChemE 295F – Battery Technologies

CE211B -Environmental and Biological Processes

LAW247 – Energy and Infrastructure Project Financing

CHEE295L - Implications and Applications of Synthetic Biology

CE217 - Environmental Chemical Kinetics

MBA290T/ENG298A/INFO290 – Energy, Sustainability, and Business Innovation

CHENG295Q - Advanced Topics in New Product Development

CE218C - Air Pollution Modeling

MBA292T - Metrics of Sustainability

CHEE256K - Current Topics in Metabolic Engineering

ERG205 - Quantitative Methods for Ecological and Environmental Modeling

ESPM256 - Science, Technology, and the Polictics of Nature

CHEM230 - Protein Chemistry, Enzymology and Bio-organic Chemistry

PH271 - Reproductive Hazards of Industrial Chemicals

PH220C - Health Risk Assessment, Regulation & Policy

NST220 - Molecular Toxicology

PH267B - Characterization of Airborne Chemicals

PPOL279 - Research design/Data Collection for Public Policy Analysis

ESPM148 - Pesticide Chemistry

PH254 - Occupational and
Environmental Epidemiology

PPOL282 - Environment and Technology from the Policy and Business Perspective

PLANTBI 222 – Biochemistry of Biofuels: Concepts and Foundations

ESPM233 - Geographic Information Systems for Environmental Science and Management

PH220C - Risk Assessment Policy and Toxics Regulation

MEC ENG 146 - Energy Conversion Principles

ESPM202 - Advanced Natural Resource Sampling

ESPM260 - Governance of Global Production

EE 194 – Power Systems Engineering

CHEM C236 - Carbon Capture and Sequestration

Law 270.6 – Energy Regulation and the Environment

MEC ENG290H Green Product Development: Design for Sustainability

CE268E Civil Systems and the Environment

Law 270.7 Renewable Energy law, Policy and Promise