SAGE fellows will also participate in outreach activities to bring their research to students of all ages as well throughout the bay area. Existing opportunities are outlined below, but others may be created to reflect specific interests. Each trainee will participate in at least one outreach activity during each of their first two years.

K-12 Outreach Program:
This program will teach practical methods for making green chemistry accessible, inspirational, and relevant to a variety of ages through lectures, demonstrations, and after-school programs.

Elementary School Outreach:
Graduate students will work in interdisciplinary teams to develop lessons related to their research for inclusion in Bay Area public elementary schools. SAGE will work with the Community Resources for Science (CRS), an organization that connects scientists with elementary school teachers in the Bay Area, to develop presentations and other lessons that will bring green chemistry to the classroom.

To learn more about the CRS click here: http://www.crscience.org/volunteers/aboutbasis

Middle and High School Outreach:
            SAGE Fellows will to work alongside middle and high school teachers to develop courses for the CAL Prep School, a public charter school whose goal is to engage underserved minority students in the East Bay. SAGE graduate students will assist the school with developing lessons and organizing and teaching labs that integrate knowledge of energy technology and green chemistry.

Professional Development:

The SAGE IGERT program is also committed to providing trainees with the skills and confidence to communicating science to the general public and to broaden participation in science among groups traditionally underrepresented in it. SAGE provides various opportunities and workshops for graduates to develop essential skills including grant writing, technical presentation design and delivery, and training in interacting with the press.