SAGE Student Working at Tesla to Improve Electric Cars

Mar 15, 2013

Katie McKinstry is currently interning as a Project Manager in Tesla's Manufacturing Introduction division.  Katie learned of the internship after visiting Tesla's Fremont Factory on a field trip for the course she was teaching as a GSI, ME290R Advanced Manufacturing Systems. It was on this field trip that she reconnected with her now Tesla manager, Milo Werner, manager of Manufacturing Introduction.  Katie was inspired to apply for a position in Milo's department after hearing her describe the fascinating challenges and triumphs that this division oversees.  She wanted to work at Tesla to support their mission of building electric cars of unparalleled high quality.

In her role in Manufacturing Introduction, Katie coordinates the steps necessary to bring a newly designed part to full production. She interacts with design engineers, test and quality engineers, production engineers, material management and supply chain specialists, manufacturing technicians and production associates.  By working with people from all stages of the design and production process, she has been able to get a glimpse into the complexity and impressive coordination required to produce electric cars at scale.